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シマネ益田電子株式会社 企業理念
シマネ益田電子 理念

1. SME Way is a guidepost for the way of thinking of SME employees.
Based on the founding spirit, all employees accept this and act as a path they go.

2. SME Way is made up of the following:
・ Corporate Philosophy
・ Vision
・ Mission
・ SME Policy
・ Our Morals

3.Our founding spirit is
“We will contribute to creation of new employment and regional vitalization through our business.”

4.“Harmony” is our emotions.
We emphasize teamwork the most and set it the standard of our action.

We take action under Corporate Philosophy,“We contribute to the society in harmony”,and contribute to the society placing a high value on the following 5 harmonies.

Harmony among the employees
Harmony among the suppliers
Harmony among the customers
Harmony among the local communities
Harmony among the shareholders

Also, we contribute to the world by bringing about a chain of the growth, which all employees realize through the business activities.

Our slogan is “harmony”.

SME’s vision is to become

“ a company that provides exceptional value and deep satisfaction”

Deep emotions of the employees
and deep emotions of the suppliers
deliver excitement to the customers
and make the local communities excited
and also make the shareholders excited.

We will aim to become such a company.

SME’s mission is

to contribute to growth and creation of new employment through business,
and to contribute to the society through regional vitalization and our products.

( 1 )We act as we think of this company as our own home and think of the employees as our family.

( 2 )We act as a professional of our business with a keen awareness of management.

( 3 )We are willing to constantly learn, and bring about our own growth and corporate growth.

( 4 )We always respect each personality and aim to become a person loved by colleagues, suppliers, customers and the local communities.

( 5 )We act taking the organization into consideration. But we can freely ask significance and meanings and state their opinions each other, and we take the attitude of listening to mutual voices.

( 6 )We pay attention to respectful manners, appropriate language, clothing, facial expressions and etiquette, and enhance the quality as SME member.

( 7 )We do not like established concepts, vested interests and formalism. We aim for the highest efficiency and the best performance.

( 8 )We don’t think economic rationales are good. We keep highest possible quality.

( 9 )We always praise a person who is the model.

(10)We always aim to build a win-win relationship.

(11)We always pursue the affected parties’ happiness, and also don’t forget great gratitude to everyone.

(12)We always think of improvement and systematization.

(13)We take care of our own home and our family and prize a good work-life balance.

(14)We don’t allow criticism and blame. We thoroughly do not like such a behavior.

(15)We think about our company (our home) and our employees (our family), and build relationships based on mutual communication without fear of conflict, and recognize it as good to exchange proposals or even criticism directly.

(16)We strive to create a well-organized space around us at all times and think the workplace as a showroom, and we aim to keep it clean.

(17)We act in full awareness of the site, object, and situation and decide based on our own information.

(18)We take care of all assets as our shared assets. These assets cover a diverse range of things including corporate image, equipments and articles, space and consumption behavior.

(19)We pay close attention to response with cheerful tone, the highest care not to keep our customers waiting, and polite language.

(20)We pay much closer attention to mail response than telephone answering. We check an address twice, sentences three times and email attachments twice before sending, and make a phone call for an important mail after sending.

(21)We always keep company goods up to date, such as equipments, tools, personal computer and so on.

(22)We act with an awareness of the pride of a member of SME even outside of the company.

(23)We interact with customers who fit “SME Way”

( 1 )Greet clearly and cheerfully.
Greeting shows the confidence in you. Have a confidence in yourself.

( 2 )Say “No” when something is wrong.
Let’s keep fair relations that allow saying “No.” And Say “No” face to face.

( 3 )Make a report timely, and with no omission.
Information will be valuable by being shared. A Good reporter works well.

( 4 )Meet deadlines.
Do not make a promise that you cannot do. Every promise is a contract.

( 5 )Participate and give your opinions actively.
No opinion means no participation, and it is no use.

( 6 )Use your brain about how you can do it.
Negative thinking will not enable us to solve problems. Think positively.

( 7 )Do jobs as please others.
Give pleasure to everyone, and sing the praise to yourself.

( 8 )Keep asking the meaning of your existence.
How can we make ourselves necessary to people? The question makes you grow.

( 9 )Place importance on a sense of fun.
Enjoy your work. Have such a mind.

(10)Make your target clear.
What your operations are for? Your independence begins with asking that question.

(11)Keep your promises without fail.
Trust begins with keeping promises.

(12)Keep viewing yourself.
View what you do and what you say from a third-party perspective.